My name is Tarese Klemens and I started my design journey started when, as a 22-year-old redhead, I stumbled across designing as a creative outlet. I fell in love with the way that I could create beautiful pieces from rather plain and un-interesting fabrics. I went on to study fashion and spent the following 2 years learning all the basics. 

After watching a film called 'The True Cost', a documentary that explores behind the scenes of fast fashion,  I realised just how detrimental this world of fashion I was interested in can be. I wanted to do design differently. 

My dream is to be able to have my own workspaces in third world countries where I can ensure that the women employed have safe work environments and are paid fairly for their skills and time. I want to be able to use the gifts and interests I have to empower disadvantaged communities, not worsen them. 

To grow my brand and reach this goal, international exposure and sales will be essential. I began custom designing for a while but soon realised that would only ever keep me local. My next step towards my goal is to release a ready-to-wear/semi-couture collection that incorporates the elements I'm known for; the tulle, the lace, the beautiful fabrics. This ready-to-wear path will offer the opportunity to grow to the international level I require for my vision to design with difference. 

This collection is  underway and will go down the runway on September 8th 2018, to then be released to the public for sale. From there I will be able to approach stores and begin to secure stockists around Australia. 

I have a vision for helping women by using my passion to help others. A vision that extends beyond me, and yearns to see others thrive and succeed. This is a big dream and I still have many steps. But it is by one step at a time that I will achieve what I believe I am purposed to.

I know the next step I need to take to get there. But to do this I need your help. 

To complete the collection and kickstart this stage of my goal, I need funding/sponsorship for the following:


-Photoshoot: The cost of the right photographer and other photoshoot necessities will be essential in representing the collection to potential partners. I need to be able to get the right people on board. 


-Runway show: I will need to cover the cost of showing the collection interstate. This exposure will be crucial in gaining necessary interest in the collection.

-Fabrics for the collection: I have basic fabrics, but to complete my designs with the authenticity and flair characteristic of the work I do, there are some particular pieces I will require.

It is a very quick turnaround for me to get everything done, almost insane! However, I love a good challenge, always achieve what I set out to with integrity, and I know that with your help it will be possible.

It would mean the world to me to have you on board for this journey. I am normally the person who would try and do everything herself. But I've come to realise I can’t do it all alone. For me to take it to the next level I need people who can see my vision and dream and who want to be part of that journey. 

Anything you can do to help would be greatly appreciated. It doesn't have to be a lot. It can be whatever you feel you can do.

Every single person who contributes, no matter how big or small, will have their name written on a large 'thank you' wall. 

I am holding an evening of food and gowns. If you have wanted to see my gowns in person and hear my story; this is the time!! All proceeds from the evening will go towards the next steps and a new collection. I would love to see you there!!


Want to help but can't come to the event? No worries! I have a crowd funding page started for those who want to help but may not be able to come to an event.


If you can offer a business sponsorship, please feel free to email me on inquiries@tareseklemens.com and I can send you through an email with sponsorship opportunities.



W. www.tareseklemens.com

IG. www.instagram.com/tareseklemens


2018 - Ambassador/influencer Lenovo Australia and New Zealand
2018 - Lenovo Australia and New Zealand Online  Campaign
2017 - Lenovo Australia and New Zealand Online Campaign

2016 - NSW & ACT Young Achievers Award Semi-finalist 
2016 - Layne Beachley Aim for the Stars Scholarship
2015 - Fashion Awards Australia – Encouragement Award
2014 - Hunter TAFE- Designer of the year

Top 3 finalist for the Instyle Magazine and Audi Australia Women of Style Awards Mel Thomas of Kyup Project
Layne Beachley for the Aim for the Stars Gala Dinner

- Hunter Valley and Coastal Lifestyle Magazine
- Lita Magazine
- Vogue Italia Online
And many more

- Speaker at 2016 Layne Beachley’s Aim for the Stars Gala Dinner
- Speaker at 2016 Director Institute Women’s Leadership Forum in support for Aim for the Stars Foundation alongside Julia Gillard and Layne Beachley.

2015-She fell from the stars https://youtu.be/QW0nZIyzZiM
2014-Imagine https://vimeo.com/100973874